June 2, 2015

Monday, I helped a friend move. Furniture, bags, and boxes up and down stairs. My body has now been hating me the past few days. As far as I was aware when I agreed to this, I was just a “helping hand” not his only pair of extra hands moving all of this. I’m not made out for manual labor. I’m frail.  But, I’m a great friend, so I didn’t complain, to his face at least. Ha!

Yesterday I spent the day roaming around. First in Manhattan, then wondered to down town. I had to stop by one of the ad agencies we visited last week to drop off some thank-you notes. They are such sweet people. The guy I talked to was really surprised with out letters. He walked me back down and we had a nice, brief talk about New York and what I should expect from my summer here. I’ve met some really encouraging people the past few days. New Yorkers are as bad as people say. I honestly, really enjoy them.

I walked to chelsea Market to meet up with some friends that are leaving town today. Didn’t stay with them too long until I ventured to the market alone to look around and grab a bite to eat. I ate at a really delicious Japanese inspired Mexican cafe. Rice bowl with Chicken (and no, it wasn’t anything like Chipotle, you crazies). I also had a sweet craving. There was a little place called the Doughnuttery. the cutest little doughnuts i’ve ever seen. I few bites of those, and I was on my way back to Manhattan.

I really do enjoy spending time on my own. I guess one could say that I’m more independent than I thought I was. I saw a movie, I had dinner and a glass of wine at a Japanese restaurant, and I made my way home.

In a city this big, with people all around, doing things on their own, I feel like just another one of them. Alone or now, I like my time here, and I’m really starting to get used to the hustle and bustle of it all.

Yes, I know it’s only been a few weeks, but a little adjustment, is still adjustment. I’m getting the hang of it.



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