What to do When You Have Nothing to do

This was my first weekend in the city on my own, before work and my internship start. I honestly wish I could remember more about it, but lord knows I have the worst memory for a 22 year old.

Friday I moved in with a friend for a little bit. Super sweet and accommodating. I’ve been really lucky with the people I’ve met through friends and how open they welcome me into their home. Friday night I went out with her and her friends, and they were a good time. Kept me laughing and entertained all night. It’s nice to be around people like that. Don’t ever find yourself in situations with people that bring negativity to your life. It only shortens it.

Saturday I lounged for a bit and scrolled through social media for an embarrassing portion of my day. I did, However, go see Gigi on Broadway featuring Vanessa Hudgens. It was really cute. I’m not a huge fan of hers but I was interested in seeing the show, I had heard good reviews on it. So after treating myself to a great dinner and a few drinks ;) I found my way to the theater. Sat next to two guys from Texas (what are the odds). The show was wonderful. She’s a very talented singer and actor, and the storyline was kind of perfect for where I too find myself in life. Overall it was a great night, and money well spent. I may have also gotten an autograph and photo of her. (Definitely sounds like I was fan-girling… Okay, I guess I was a bit. I had to take advantage while I was there.) She’s an absolute doll and was very kind to everyone there.

Sunday I slept in like I had never slept before. Needless to say, It was magical. Although, I did miss a good portion of a beautiful day outside. After finally deciding to get up, I did some rearranging of my luggage, and roamed around the Upper East Side. Have I mentioned how obsessed New York is with bagels? They’re everywhere! And huge, and smothered. It’s like bagel heaven here. By the time I get home, I wouldn’t doubt if I come back looking like one. I surely hope not, though…

I also went to church this evening. I must admit, that I haven’t been in quite some time. It was really nice though. Located by Union Square, it reminded me a lot of church back home. I’m really going to try to find a home church here for the summer. I think it will be good for me, being new to a big city, job, and lifestyle.

We’ll see how it goes.

TOMORROW I START MY INTERNSHIP at New York Models. Wish me luck!



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