Here’s The Sitch

First week couple of days of my internship have been pretty okay. Not much going on in the office though. I’ll be assisting with different departments, but so far it’s been a lot of free time and updating model books here and there. Oh, and food and coffee runs. What would an internship be if that wasn’t part of it? But it’s worth it. I walk out of the office and see the Chrysler Building in the distance. Plus, the weather has been great outside, so the walks are a nice treat.

This office is much bigger than the one I worked at in Dallas. From four people in the office including me, to about 40 spread across two floors at New York Models, and that’s not even that big either. Everyone I’ve met has been really sweet and welcoming. And of course there are beautiful people always in and out of the office. Such interesting and unique faces. GAH I LOVE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

I work with three other interns throughout the week. They’re all from New York. Super easy to talk to, and quite fashionable. I’m going to need to take some pointers from them, and get on that New York flow. Haha.

I’m really excited to dive deeper into this industry. I’m hoping as the days go on, I’ll be given more and more responsibility. This is definitely a career path I hope to follow and I want to learn all that is available to me. So we shall see!

Oh, and I went to the Guggenheim and Met on Tuesday. It was an annual Museum Mile where all the museums were free. Food carts, live music, children running around, and chalk art all along the street. It was a good time. If you ever get a chance to make it to the city, PLEASE visit museums. You won’t regret. I could spend a day getting lost in each one and would love it entirely.

In other news, Mary-Kate and Ashley turn 29 this weekend. Do you feel old yet?



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