Weekend Festivities

Saturday I went to a festival with my roommate. Northside Festival off of Bedford Street in Brooklyn. There were vendors, music, food and a lot of people. It was fun. Bedford has cool shops and markets that are exciting to browse through. There are also many cool restaurants and Bars.

We found one that has the same deals as Lou’s (Denton folk, you know what I’m talking about.) We spent a few hours there and I met some new people that are friends of my roommate. Fun crowd, I tell you what.

I’ve learned though, that it really is best to eat before you do any caffeine or alcohol of any kind. My schedule here on weekends is the worst. My first meal is at around 3:00… Not smart. DON’T DO THAT TO YOURSELF.

We also got to hear some live music that was on the UOlive stage. Interesting sound. The chick sounded like she was dying. I wouldn’t pay to listen but I guess it kept the street bumping.

Later we went to a place that reminded me a lot of the Katy Trail Icehouse, but even more crowded if you can imagine, and super loud.

An old friend stopped by and we left the group to go grab lunch.

First time eating oysters! I must admit, I did enjoy them. You don’t chew them. I didn’t know that.

Had a good conversation with him

It’s crazy how time and people change things. Two months ago, I was in a complete different spot in life. But I’ve realized that letting go really isn’t that hard when you take a step back and fully realize what it is you deserve out of life.

I’m happy to say that I am completely content with where I am and the relationships I’ve lost and gained in the past few months.

I’ve learned that it’s not always about what I want, but what works best, regardless of the situation. It’ll all be taken care of.

Sunday Funday happened. But not in the way you’re probably thinking. There was a BBQ fest. Excited Texans? Big Apple Barbeque Block Party was held at Madison Square Park. Food trucks from around the country all joined together to cook up some great barbeque for some hungry New Yorkers. Finally got some Texas Barbeque. It was fantastic. You never realize how much you miss home tastes until you no longer have it.

Of course some more live music, conversation with friends, and delicious food.

I love that New York has so many events going on during summer weekends. I could get used to it.

Although, like I’ve stressed before, this heat is no joke. Humid as I’ll get out. I don’t think I’ll be able to survive in Dallas again after this summer.

I go home this weekend for Father’s Day and to see my sister and her family back in the states from Japan. Cannot wait.

Oh, and I get to see B and my best friends. Going to be a great little trip and break from this New York adventure.



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