Weekend Babes

Spending the weekend at home was everything great plus some. I got to see all of my beautiful babies and spend time with family.

There is nothing like going out with my boys. They make my life so full. It’s never a dull moment and they love their friends so deeply. We went to a drag show. They are the absolute best. If you haven’t been to you. It’s definitely worth experiencing. It’s such a fun and exciting atmosphere. It’s guys in drag. GET OVER it. :P

I had brunch with my best girl friends and boy. We got to catch up. It’s been entirely too long since the four of us were together. Growing up is strange. However, through all the distance and college experiences with new friends, we always come back together as if we spent no time apart at all. That’s what true friendships are. I am so grateful for mine.

I spent a night in Denton with that gang. It felt so nice to be home in my college town. As much as I hated it when I lived there, going back always feels so comforting. Denton will always be a special place. My last semester there was honestly one of the best times of my life so far.

Father’s Day I spent with family. My sister and her family are home from Japan finally! After living there for three years, they are finally stationed back in the states. My niece and nephew have gotten so big I can hardly believe it. My brother’s daughter and son are as well. My new niece is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and my nephew is getting so big and mature. These babies need to stop growing. Like now. 22 and already an aunt of four.. I love family <3

I had the best time. Best friends, boyfriend, family and of course my puppy, are all reasons I smile on a daily basis. Getting to catch up with them this past weekend was certainly a treat. As much as I’m enjoying life here in New York, Dallas will always be and feel like home..

Unless of course they come up here to me<3. Then I may just station my happy butt right where I am.



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