This Has Been Life

Wow. I haven’t updated in a while. Three weeks from now I’ll be going home and I’m just now getting adjusted to this wonderful city. Here come the bittersweet feelings.

The past few weeks have been pretty great. I’ve spent weekends with old friends and met new friends. I’ve gotten to do different things for the agency, and I’m really growing to love the whole industry even more.

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Recently in my life:

  • I spent 4th of July stranded with no phone. Still had a good time though. New people at a new place made being stranded at a random restaurant all the more enjoyable. (Interesting people with attractive accents help too)

  • A friend from Dallas was in town. We had a wild girl’s night in the city with delicious sushi, and a few drinks…. It was an experience! First time getting home at 4:00 a.m. in my life, but well worth it.   We also spent a typical Friday evening not doing typical Friday things, jamming out in New Jersey with our girl T-Swift. Phenomenal.  And my friend moves here for good in just a few short weeks. She’s going to run this place and I cannot wait to visit and do the same.

  • I spent a day in Queens attending a “dodge summer ram fest” (unofficial Fordham University gathering, the guys made up the name) with a sweet friend and her guy. Damn was that heat awful though. I thought Dallas was bad. I think I died between the heat and the bloody mary’s going around. It was a fun afternoon. I met some really welcoming people and really felt like I could find my own group like that here in New York. At least I hope to, if this summer adventure happens to turn into something more long term.
  • Men’s fashion week came and went here in NYC. A blast. Went to an Adon Magazine NYFW event with people from the agency and a few models from our men’s board. Never experienced something like that.  I don’t want to sound shallow, but something about being in a room with beautiful people just make the environment that much more fun (don’t judge me, I’m just honest).

And with that I must say that our men’s board at NYMM is by far the sweetest and most handsome group of guys.  I’m thankful to be here and able to meet some good people that are so welcoming and easy to get along with. It makes the job so much more enjoyable

  • Also with work. We sent some very beautiful young girls to model camp this weekend. Check them out. Follow our instagram @newyorkmodels (yes that was a way to get followers and promote where I work. I love it.)  Although I’m only an intern, I’ve gotten to meet some of them and I can’t wait to see what futures they have ahead of them in this industry. It’s exciting to see the young ones flourish.

So now I start another week at NYMM. I’m hoping to have some good updates between now and when I go home. For now, it’s off to packing for yet another move this summer and getting things ready to get up early and escort one of our babies from model camp to the airport in the morning. Lets hope I wake up to my alarm.



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