My Thoughts on New York

Okay, here’s the low down.

I’ve been in New York for a little over two months now. My first two weeks were for a May-mester, and since that has ended, I’ve been couch surfing between people I know while I complete a summer internship.

My first thoughts about New York was that I was in love with it. Spending time with classmates and exploring the city on my own within the first month was a great adventure. So much to see and an interesting place to lose yourself in.

As I got more adjusted and moved around to my second and third home for the summer, I became homesick. Everything is crazy expensive and it is hard sometimes meeting new people in a brand new place. I stayed in a lot, I binged on Netflix and I really wanted to go home. Sometimes I still do. Mostly just to see friends and family though.

My heart keeps jumping back and forth between my love for this city and how much I’m annoyed by it. It’s a tough place to get adjusted to.

With that though, The past few weeks have been far more enjoyable than I have expected. My previous posts tells of the different things I’ve done and the great people I’ve met.

I want to make this city my home.

It has trashy streets and subways, homeless people on every corner, tourists that annoy the s#!t out of me and other things I could complain about. However, it also has so much ambition present. The young professionals and creative minds that run around this city are really inspiring. People here are doing something. They’re working hard just to live here because of the many great opportunities that New York City has to offer. I want to be a part of that.

I come home in a few weeks, and although I’m excited beyond words, I’m going to miss this place.

Luckily, I have some great networks here that are going to help me find work in this industry. Fingers crossed everyone, that by January or May of 2016, I have a permanent residence and position in New York City. That would be a dream



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