Upon Returning Home

I’ve been in a bit of a stand still. Job searching isn’t easy, and being back home after such an adventurous summer and few weeks in Italy is making me really antsy. I’m already ready for the next journey to come my way. For now, however, I know my focus needs to be on finding a job. I know I want to work in a creative field, account admin for advertising or office admin for a creative agency, but those jobs are hard to come by in the Dallas area. The search in New York has begun as well, but the funds to get there are nowhere to be found. What do you do when what you want seems to be so far out of reach? Part-time serving jobs only bring me partial pleasure in a work field. It gets really old, really fast. I have a few jobs that I have applied for in the area that seem pretty close within my reach. Keep your fingers crossed for me! For all of you finding yourselves in the same situation, I’m sending nothing but positive vibes your way, hoping we all get what we’re searching for.