March 2, 2016

My oh my, has it been a rather interesting and crazy few months. I got into some major trouble, (we won’t get into that.) I got a job (WOOHOOO go me.) I purchased my first vehicle. & I think I’m handling this adult thing pretty well.

Let’s forget about the trouble part and just dive into the good news. Back up a few years when a friend of mine was taking on his freelance role as a photographer. I remember him working for a real cool dude with a rad sense of style. This rad dude was represented by an agency that seemed just as cool. I researched it, thought to myself “that seems like a really great place, with some interesting people.” Time passed, never thought much about it, yada, yada, yada.
I get back from Italy, find that I’m still following the agency on instagram, and see a post that they are looking for part time work. I apply, interview, and find out that I was a shoe in for the position.
Now here I am, only four months later, accepting a full time job with this great group of people, working in an industry that I have loved for as long as I can remember.
I’m very very excited and grateful to have found something I have a strong interest in, and given the opportunity to explore it. My boss is a BOSS, a legit GIRL BOSS. A roll model for women that wish to become independent business people. I cannot wait to learn more from her and what this industry holds.

The car is a huge deal too. From 16 years old, i’ve been working and paying for my own car. Not fun, but worth the responsibility. With good news of a job, I honestly couldn’t wait any longer to look for something better fit for me, automobile wise. So I did it. I purchased my first vehicle. & now I have more bills to my name. Ha! but what the hell. What’s life if you’re not living it, right?